What We're Up To

Welcome to our blog. Two years in the restoration process. The P. A. Smith Hotel has been connected to city water, her alleyway has been overhauled, (thank you to the City of Navasota), the sprinkler system is in, the elevator shaft is ready for the elevator, plumbers, masons, electricians, framers and painters are on the clock to bring new life to the hotel and the Navasota's Railroad District. Masons have meticulously tuck-pointed around each stone in the entire structure, inside and out. The furniture and fixtures have arrived and is in storage awaiting their placement. We have received so many questions and are appreciative of the public showing the excitement that we have for The Railroad District and Navasota, Texas. Like any other large project, the plans can be a moving target, but I wanted to share with you what we have on the books for now.


Most of the facelift for the entry is complete. Three sets of solid 10 ft. mahogany French doors have been installed in between ten, 14 ft. wrought iron columns original to the 150 year old structure. Next for the porch is a copper tile ceiling and a pineapple-shaped chandelier that will welcome you into the front entry.

The Grand Lobby will have marble tiled floors and spectacular lighting from the 2-story ceiling and walls.

The warming kitchen aka Continental Breakfast area will be sure to wake you up with the aroma of fresh-baked bread.

The coffee/wine bar will show a 2 story wall. Across from the coffee area is the check-in, and plans are to have a 14 ft. handpainted mural welcome you, as well as original pieces salvaged from inside the hotel.

Artists, Designers and Consultants are busy making plans and have already spent hundreds of hours preparing for the big reveal. We are still a few months away, (target open date is Summer 2020), and are now taking calls and answering questions to help you plan for your next event. Stay tuned for info on the second and third floors.......