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Pressed copper installed today in the porch ceiling. What a difference it makes. Shining like a new penny!


The second floor hosts four staterooms and a beautiful indoor balcony walkway that leads from front to back of the hotel. Turn-of-the-century style railings accent a spectacular view of the 40 ft floor-to-ceiling stone wall in the grand lobby. Access via stairway or elevator, you will be greeted with three chandeliers, one of which hangs two stories. The second floor hosts our private massage room, which will be available by appointment....

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November 8 was a day for the books! The 4014 train stopped in Navasota for a visit on it's last trip around the U.S., before being retired forever. What a site to see just across the street from the front entrance.


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Welcome to our blog. Two years in the restoration process. The P. A. Smith Hotel has been connected to city water, her alleyway has been overhauled, (thank you to the City of Navasota), the sprinkler system is in, the elevator shaft is ready for the elevator, plumbers, masons, electricians, framers and painters are on the clock to bring new life to the hotel and the Navasota's Railroad District. Masons have meticulously tuck-pointed...